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Travis Wake Skimboard - 46"

The EPS Travis is the closest thing to a twin shape we make. Available in both a 46" and 50", this thing goes forward or backward.  It is a lightweight, durable skimboard developed with a combination of with its Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam core, heavy duty fiberglass and a single layer of carbon. 

Enjoy excellent grip and ride control with a full EVA deck pad and an optional fin - Screw in fin can be removed to make it very loose or added in a for a bit more stability and tracking.  This premium board is engineered for optimal performance and swing weight for those shaves, spinners, and airs.

Trying to decide between the EPS construction & carbon construction?  
The EPS will have softer rails and a be a little more forgiving due to it's flex.  The Carbon version has very hard rails & ultra stiff construction.  Carbon is a pro-rider level construction.  It never feels good to get smacked by your board but the EPS version will hurt a little bit less.

46" Size: 3' 10 1/8" x 19" x 11/16” 
50" Size:  4' 2  1/8"  x  20 1/2"  x  3/4"

46" Volume:  9.23L
50" Volume:  9.23L

46" Suggested Weight Range:  70 lbs - 140 lbs
50" Suggested Weight Range:  130 lbs - 210 lbs

Rocker Profile:

*Boards ships will a single screw in plastic fin & hardware.

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