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Surf Style Boards

Surf Style Boards

Carve it up or air it out!  These Surf Style boards will help you both slash the lip and get deep in the pocket.  With many options to choose from you'll be stoked on the water!

If you like to air it out, try The High Five as it's built to get above the lip.  Still turns with ease and can be ridden as a dual fin or a quad.  Great swing weight with the chopped nose and squash tail design allow for some surf style shuvits.

More into the carvey surf style?  Try pumping down the face with The Ozark and maintain your soulful surf roots.  The vintage styling on it will have you pumping Jack Johnson and feeling good.  Has a modified hexagonal squash that will drive hard!  If you want to get above the lip, don't worry it can handle that too.

Looking for the most stable ride with tons of turning power and above the lip potential?  Try The Keowee.  The use of a fish tail allows for good turning while still have a wider platform for stability.  You can easily switch up fin configuration to tighten up (or loosen) the board feel as desired.

All boards include & ship with a full set of honeycomb performance fins.  No plastic fins here!

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