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Carbon Travis Wake Surfboard - 50"

The Full Carbon Travis is the closest thing to a twin shape we make, available in both a 46" and 50", this thing goes forward or backward.  Its double wrapped carbon construction including 2 layers on the rails provide superior strength, while its single fin construction makes maneuvering easy.  

Enjoy excellent grip and ride control with a full EVA deck pad and an optional fin - Screw in fin can be removed to make it very loose or added in a for a bit more stability and tracking.

This skimboard is made to do shuvs, varials, and airs. Made with ultra durable and lightweight high density foam, the Travis is the perfect boarder the rider that has (or wants) all the tricks!

Trying to decide between the EPS construction & carbon construction?  
The EPS will have softer rails and a be a little more forgiving due to it's flex.  The Carbon version has very hard rails & ultra stiff construction.  Carbon is a pro-rider level construction.  It never feels good to get smacked by your board but the EPS version will hurt a little bit less.  Aggressive riders choose the carbon!

46" Size:  3' 10 1/8" x 19" x 3/4" 
50" Size:  4'  2  1/8"  x  20 1/2"  x  3/4"

46" Volume:  8 L
50" Volume:  9 L

46" Suggested Weight Range:  70 lbs - 140 lbs
50" Suggested Weight Range: 130 lbs - 210+ lbs

Rocker Profile:
*Boards ships with a single Futures plastic plastic fin.  
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